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Stop Lecturing Start Communicating

is a "Must-Read"!

Public speaking is an integral part of business and your success depends on your ability to connect with the people you speak to.  If you're just getting through your speech, instead of getting through to your audience, now's the time to make a change! 

Stop Lecturing Start Communicating is an essential business handbook, with worksheets and exercises.  Discover how to amplify your presence in the business community, impact your audience ad deliver your message effectively, every time. Straightforward, comprehensive and enjoyable, this public speaking survival guide is a must-read for presenters and professional communicators in every field.

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Stop Lecturing Start Communicating is exceptionally well written!

Peter Legge

Owner, Canada Wide Media Ltd.

Be a better leader immediately after reading this book! This book is a delight. It is insightful, smart and truly the most resonating book of all the leadership books I have read over the years, and I've read hundreds!

Bonnie Barron - Regional Director, Westminster Savings Credit Union


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Amazon Reviews:

This is a quick, very accessible guide that delivers great points on how to be a better speaker and presenter. Whatever field of business you're in, this excellent book will deliver immediate benefits. Highly recommended!   
K.J. Denny ~

Simple, yet so insightful. I love how this book is very accessible yet makes me think twice about how I give my presentations. Definitely glad I got this for my kindle! 
Trisha ~

In Stop Lecturing Start Communicating Maria makes us introspect on the key issues of why we present, to whom and for what outcome. A small book it is full of helpful exercises and tips shared to help ensure what you present is actually inspiring your audience. You come away feeling really glad you read this book.
Navin Ramani ~

Stop Lecturing Start Communicating: The Public Speaking Survival Guide for Business is beyond learning how to public speak. Gallo combines personal experiences and material from her seminars; thus, a lot of practical, useful information has been packed into this guide. Her hands–on exercises assist readers to get to work right away, it’s a personal tool of self-discovery and business development that fosters the skill to effectively communicate ideas
Janet Love